Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tancredi's Goals shoot Canada into Women's Soccer Quarterfinal

After trailing Sweden 2-0 after 15 minutes, Melissa Tancredo handed team Canada a lifeline at the end of the first half and a berth in the knockout phase in the 84th minute.
Although Team Canada dominated the game in the early stages, it was goals by Sweden's Marie Hammarstrom (13th minute) and Sofia Jakobsson (16th minute) that set the pace for the game.
Nilsson provided an excellent pass from the right flank to Maria Hammarstrom, who send the ball into the net from seven meters for 1-0 for the Swedes in the 13th minutes. Just a few minute later, in the 16th minute, Hammerstrom made a superb pass into the box. St. Albert's own Erin McLeod moved out of her net and missed the ball, which ricoched off Jakobsson's shins, landing in the net.  Full Story @allvoices.comhttp:

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