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Bundesliga matchday 5 preview - Will Dortmund make it five victories?

 Matchday 5 kicks off on Friday evening, with Borussia Dortmund having won their first four games and Bayern Munich with three wins and a draw.  Can Borrusia Dortmund continue to win when they meet Hamburger SV on Saturday?  Both Dortmund and Bayern play at home, but have formidable opponents that could take one or all three points from the Champions League finalists.

The matchday comes on the heels of international week, where Germany, composed of player from both Dortmund and Bayern, walked away with victories over Austria and Faroe Islands, clearing the path to World Cup 2014 qualification.

Under Juergen Klopp's guidance, Dortmund has kicked off on a path toward the league championship, while FC Bayern, with its new coach Pep Guardiola is adjusting to a new system and although dominating in every match, the club has had difficulty in converting this into goals.  With power houses like Ribery, Mueller, Robben and defenders like David Alaba and Phillip Lahm, the oppostion, for the most part has been concentrating on their defensive game.  Both Dortmund and Bayern are faced with breaking down the opposition's defence.

When Stuttgart meets Hertha BSC Berlin on Friaday evening in the Olympic Stadium, the side will be chasing its second win under its new coach and move up in the standings.  Berlin, a reentry to the Bundesliga this season, has two wins and two losses with 9-5 goals.  A win would keep the side in contact with the league leaders.  Regardless of the outcome, the match should be a delight for the fans.

Stefan Kiessling and Leverkusen host VFL Wolfsburg.  Currently in third spot, Leverkusen has a good chance of being competitive for the championship this year. With three wins and one loss the side trails Munich by one point.  Wolfsburg has accumulated two wins and two losses in their first four matches and Leverkusen is the clear favourite for this match.

Werder Bremen hosts Eintracht Frankfurt.  Last year's Cinderella team Frankfurt has barely kept its head above water with one win and three losses, while Bremen has won two of four.  The home advantage has to go to the Hanseaten.  FSV Mainz host Schalke 04.  Mainz has had an excellent start to the season and like Leverkusen won its first three, before giving up three points on matchay 4. Schalke, considered one of the top contenders, had a disappointing start to the season with one win, a tie and two looses.  Can the Knappen change their fortune in Mainz?  The remaining Saturday match has Freiburg traveling to Augsburg.  Augsburg, with a fiesty attitude, has two wins and two losses in the first four, while Freiburg had a disappointing start with two draws and two losses.  In Augsburg the men from southern Germany will be challenged to go home with a victory.  The edge goes to Augsburg.

Sunday has two matches on tab, with Hoffenheim hosting Borussia Moenchengladbach and Nuernberg traveling to Braunschweig.  Gladbach will be looking for their third victory in Hoffenheim and the men from Sinsheim for their second.  This should be a close match.  Braunschweig, newly promoted is still looking for its first victory when Nuernberg takes to the pitch.  Nuernberg has not had a convincing start to the season and currently sits in 17th spot with just two points.  If Braunschweig will walk away with a victory, this is their chance.  Nuernberg is motivated to leave the bottom of the league.  This match should be interesting.

Predicting outcomes in the Bundesliga is difficult.  There is never a matchday without surprises.  One can guarantee though that based on past history this matchday should see lots of goals.  Who will be on top on Saturday?  Your guess is as  good as mine.  GolTV Canada will be broadcasting some of the matches on Saturday and Sunday.

 Matchday 5 - 13 and 14 September

13 September 2013

Hertha BSC vs VfB Stuttgart  0-1

14 September 2013

Bayern München vs Hannover 96        
Bayer Leverkusen vs VfL Wolfsburg    
Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt    
FSV Mainz 05 vs Schalke 04        
FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg        
Borussia Dortmund vs Hamburger SV  

15 September     
1899 Hoffenheim vs Bor. Mönchengladbach        
Eintr. Braunschweig vs 1. FC Nürnberg

Place-----Team-----------------------GP---W---D----L---GF/GA ---Pts
1--------Borussia Dortmund-----------4----4----0-----0-------9:2-------12
2--------FC Bayern Muenchen--------4----3----1-----0-------7-2-------10
3--------Bayer Leverkusen-------------4----3----0-----1-------8:5--------9
4--------Hannover 96--------------------4----3----0-----1------8:6---------9
5--------Mainz 05------------------------4----3----0-----1------8:7---------9
6------- Hertha BSC Berlin-------------5----2----1-----2------9:6---------7
7--------Borussia M'gladbach-----------4----2----0-----2----10:8---------6
8-------VFB Stuttgart-------------------4----2----0-----3-----10:8---------6
8--------VFL Wolfsburg-----------------4----2----0-----2------6:4---------6
9--------Werder Bremen-----------------4----2----0-----2------3:1---------6
11-------1899 Hoffenheim--------------4----1----2-----1-----12:12--------5
13-------FC Schalke 04------------------4----1----1-----2-------6:9---------4
15-------Eintracht Frankfurt-------------4----1----0-----3-------4:9---------3
16-------SC Freiburg---------------------4----0----2-----2-------6:9---------2
17-------1. FC Nürnberg-----------------4----0----2-----1-------4:7---------2
18-------Eintracht Braunschweig-------4----0----0-----4-------1:9---------0

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