Monday, 17 March 2014

EU and Merkel pivotal in resolving Ukraine crisis

As Western allies scramble for a proper response to Putin’s plans for annexation of the Crimea, the
Russian president seems to have his eyes fixed for further expansion into the sovereign territory of the Ukraine.
Unconfirmed sources in the eastern Ukraine report that residents of Donetsk, Kherson & Odessa are packing and leaving for the West. the report that the situation in the eastern Ukraine are worse than reported in the western media. Russian hooligans have been inserted in those cities and taking control. The Ukraine has called up 20,000 reserves, with Russia’s military poised to launch at the East Ukraine border.
U.S. President Barrack Obama talked to Putin on the phone on Sunday, again emphasizing that the U.S. will never recognize the annexation of the Crimea. Secretary of State John Kerry again spoke with Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov. While the U.S., EU and the majority of the UN Security Council, including China declared the referendum illegal, Putin is unmoved.  Read More:  Politisite

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