Saturday, 30 June 2012

DOD US Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 29 June 2012

 With the crisis in Syria, the uncertainty in Egypt and the Middle East overall, Afghanistan has once again been placed on the back burner of the national media.  Add to that the Affordable Health Care Act decision, the decision on the Arizona law and the 2012 election in  general it is easy to put Afghanistan out of mind. Nonetheless, 125 US soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan this year, 37 this month alone. 

Despite the crisis in the Eurozone, European countries have focused on the beautiful game, which has now progressed to a competition between two nations, Spain and Italy, to be decided in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday.  Sports is s great diversion from the troubles of every day life, but it doesn't change the reality.  While European leaders may have bought themselves a little more time, the Eurozone troubles are far from being solved. 

In the U.S. no major decisions can be expected for the next six months, as both President Obama and Mitt Romney are in full election mode.  With insane amounts being spend on re-election, which should give pause to voters alone, no one is prepared to make the hard decisions that might put the economy on the right track.  A divided country deals with talking points on both sides, which do not reflect reality. 

While it's easy to forget our men and women in Afghanistan, with wildfires in Colorado and every day challenges of a heat wave all along the east coast, take a moment and remember the men and women in Afghanistan, Lest We Forget.

Roll of Casualties

Below are this week’s updated DoD casualty figures:

Op Enduring Freedom                  Total Deaths       KIA   Non Hostile              WIA

Afghanistan Only                                   1900               1577        323                     16584
Other Locations                                        114                   12        102
 DoD Civ Casualties                                     3                     1            2
Worldwide Total                                     2017               1590         427                    16584

Accumulated 2012 Casualties:

KIA            Non Combat Deaths             WIA

  125                            55                              956


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