Friday, 25 October 2013

Bundesliga Matchday Ten Preview - Showdown in Gelsenkirchen

As matchday ten gets underway later on today, Bayern remains on top with only one point ahead of Dortmund and Leverkusen.  Fourth placed Hertha BSC Berlin is seven points behind the leaders and the gap seeems to be growing.  Schalke 04 is in fifth place and will be hosting Borussia Dortmund in Gelsenkirchen.  While Schalke has had diffficulty this season, this will not be an easy match for the Borussen to win.

Dortmund earlier this week won its match in London, with a 2-1 victory over the Gunners.  Schalke on the other hand lost their match 3-0 against Chelsea. headlined this match with "Schalke reaches its limits."  DFB also says tht Dortmund has failed its dress rehearsal for tomorrow's match, but don't write the Knappen off yet.

FC Bayern hosts Hertha BSC Berlin.  The Berliners have been the surprise team, with four wins, three draws and two losses.  The Allianz Arena and a well oiled Bayern machine is a big task for any team.  Bayern won its match midweek 5-0 over Pilzen and the side is riding a high.  Will Bayern remain the only undefeated team this season?

Leverkusen demonstrated midweek that the side rightly belongs into the Champions League, defeating Shakhtar Donetsk 4-0.  This week the side will be hosting a fiesty Bavarian side, FC Augsburg.  On paper this should be an easy task for Leverkusen, but Augsburg has been known to upset the big teams.  This should be an exciting match.

On Friday, VFB Stuttgart host 1.FC Nuernberg.  Nuernberg, along with Freiburg, is still chasing its first victory of the season.  With a record of 0-6-3, they visit the Schwaben, a side that sits at 3-3-3.  Motivation should be high for Stuttgart, a win can move the club among the top six sides in the league.  For Nuernberg a win would be a start to move up. 

The remaining three matches on Saturday are primarily battles between teams attempting to remain in the top half of the league.  Hannover hosts Hoffenheim and has the slight edge over the men from Sinsheim.  Braunschweig travels to Mainz and a win could finally move the newcomers off the tailend of the league.  For Mainz s a win is critical.  Wolfsburg welcomes Bremen in an Saturday evening match.  Both sides have 12 points and this should be a close match, with fans sitting on the edge of their seats.

On Sunday SC Freiburg hosts Hamburg and Frankfurt travels to Gladbach.  While Frankfurt has done relatively well in Euro League play, defeating Tel Aviv 2-0 yesterday, the side has been struggling domestically.  With only two wins in nine matchdays, the challenge will be to walk away with three points against a side that has won four and lost five matches.  This should be one of the better matches this weekend.

While there may be several surprises, including upsets, this weekend, there will again be lots of excitement and anticipation.  Dortmund, Leverkusen and Bayern come off impressive Champions League victories and will try to capitalize on the momentum. 

Friday October 25th   

VfB Stuttgart vs 1. FC Nürnberg  1-1

Saturday October 26th
Bayern München vs Hertha BSC        
Schalke 04 vs Borussia Dortmund        
Bayer Leverkusen vs FC Augsburg    
Hannover 96 vs 1899 Hoffenheim        
FSV Mainz 05 vs Eintracht Braunschweig        
VfL Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen  

Sunday October 27th
SC Freiburg vs Hamburger SV        
Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Eintracht Frankfurt


1--------FC Bayern Muenchen--------9----7----2-----0------19-4-------23
2--------Borussia Dortmund-----------9----7----1-----1------22:7-------22
3--------Bayer Leverkusen-------------9----7----1-----1------20:9-------22
4------- Hertha BSC Berlin-------------9----4----3-----2-----15:9-------15
5--------FC Schalke 04-----------------9----3----2-----4-----16:20-------14
6-------VFB Stuttgart------------------10----3----4-----3-----20:14-------13
7--------Borussia M'gladbach----------9----4----1-----4-----19:14-------13
8--------Hannover 96--------------------9----4----1-----4-----11:12-------13
9-------VFL Wolfsburg------------------9----4----0-----5-----11:12-------12
10------Werder Bremen------------------9----3----3-----3------9:12-------12
11------1899 Hoffenheim---------------9----2----4-----3-----21:22--------10
12----- FCAugsburg---------------------9----3----1-----5-----10:17--------10
13------Mainz 05-------------------------9----3----1-----5-----13:21--------10
14-------Eintracht Frankfurt------------9----2----4-----3-----12:14---------10
16------1. FC Nürnberg----------------10----0----7-----3-----10:18----------7
17------SC Freiburg---------------------9-----0----5-----4------9:18----------5
18------Eintracht Braunschweig-------9-----1----1-----7------7:22----------4

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