Thursday, 6 February 2014

Alison Redford's disregard for Alberta Taxpayers

Alberta Premier Alsion Redford shows continued disregard for Alberta Taxpayers. Her continued lavish expenses for her travel around the globe was once again highlighted when the taxpayer was billed when her expenses to go to Nelson Mandella’s funeral were $45,000, while the Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, billed the taxpayer a mere $942.
While she hitched a free ride to South Africa on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s flight, she took a private jet to Ottawa and flew home on a commercial flight. For her recent trip to India she billed the taxpayer $120,000.

Since becoming premier, Redford has continuously traveled starting with a trip to the London Olympics, where she paid for unused rooms. The trip was apparently to promote Alberta in Europe. Why would you do that during the Olympics?
She has attended the Bilderberg Society, a conference based on invitation only and the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, another meeting that is by invitation only. According to opposition critic Rob Anderson, Redford thinks she is Royalty, but Rob Anderson adds that she is not. She is the Premier of Alberta and needs to respect taxpayers of this province. Read more at Politisite

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