Friday, 7 February 2014

Premier Redford's Blame Game

Alberta's Premier Alison Redford's blame game is getting to the point of ridiculous.  A travel claim and scheduling clearly stop with the Premier. Her excuses and blaming her staff for outrageous expenses for her trip to Nelson Mandella's funeral are unfounded.

Ask yourself how many public servants both in the service of Canada or the provinces would get away with this after closer scrutiny of their travel claims.  Ask yourself how a tax return completed by a third person, which you signed would be excused by Revenue Canada.   It wouldn't.

The province has a Deputy Premier and his function is to represent the premier in her absence, if there should be scheduling conflicts.  It is also hard to believe that the Prime Minister's schedule is not readily available through the Prime Minister's office, especially for a first minister of a province.

A fact is, even President Obama publishes a daily schedule, which is readily available to anyone that wants it.  Ms Redford should quit making excuses for her travel expenses, which have been extravagant since she became premier. 

Nelson Mandella's funeral was primarily attended by heads of state, which Redford apparently thinks she is one.  No the buck stops with Alison Redford an not her staff. She should lead by example.  While she imposes austerity on Albertans she continues her spending ways. 

We as Albertan's should wake up and make this premier accountable. No more excuses.  It is her travel expenses on our dime and she needs to be held accountable.  Stop the madness.

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  1. That outpouring of crocodile tears at Mandella's funeral was sickening. Many of those in attendance were condemning him before he rose to power. The travel expenses of our PM and his massive entourage to Israel was even worse. A case of everybody's money is nobody's money.