Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Emotions Fly in House of Commons - Liberal MP Calls Minister a Piece of S--t

Canada has exercised its legal right to withdraw from the Kyoto Accord.  Environment Minister Peter Kent announced that he had informed the UN of Canada's intentions. Since the announcement emotions and attacks on the Conservative Government have been more emotional than ever.  Today's outburst by Liberal MP, Justin Trudeau, took the cake though.  He called the Energy Minister a "piece of shit."

Green Party MP Elizabeth May and NDP Energy Critic Megan Leslie have lead the charge against the government.  There were allegations of Canada being an impediment to moving forward on a climate treaty.  

During the House of Commons Question Period today, a period which is basically a circus for the media, after comments from Megan Leslie, NDP, Peter Kent told the Nova Scotia MP that she was ill informed, since she had not attended the conference.

Apparently at that moment Liberal MP Justin Trudeau lost his cool and called the Minister a "piece of shit".  Unlike his father, who seemingly uttered a profanity in the House of Commons and said that it was fuddle duddle, Trudeau's swearing was heard loud and clear.

During the daily Question Period, the House of Commons becomes a circus and Canadians know it.  This has gone beyond the bounds of decency though, even though Trudeau apologized.

"I lost my temper and used language that was most decidedly unparliamentary and for that I unreservedly apologize and withdraw my remarks," he said.

Kent said he wasn't troubled by the language but asked Trudeau to apologize to the House of Commons.

Elizabeth May was quick to put it out on twitter  "Justin Trudeau explained why he lost his temper. (Kent accusing Megan Leslie of skipping COP17). And he "unreservedly" apologized."

Whether or not Kent said Leslie skipped the conference is questionable.  News reports just quoted him as saying that she ill informed because she wasn't there.

It's getting to the point, where the behaviour in the House of Commons is getting out of hand.  While opposition opinions should be desireable, this nastiness has no place in our Parliament.  Let's quit behaving like little children and grow up. 

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