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EURO 2012 Schedule

UEFA has released the Euro 2012 schedule after completing its draw yesterday.  With number 2 placed Netherlands and third placed Germany in Group B, the general consensus is that Group B is the toughest group, while Group A is the easiest.

Group A               Group B                   Group C             Group D

Poland                    Netherlands             Spain                    Ukraine
Greece                    Denmark                 Italy                      Sweden
Czech Republic      Germany                 Rep of Ireland      France
Russia                     Portugal                  Croatia                 England

The opening game of Euro 2012 will be played in Warsaw, Poland and features Group A with co-host Poland meeting Greece on June 8th 2012.  The final will take place in a brand new world class stadium in Kiev, Ukraine.  Ukraine is co-host of the championship.

Spain, the reigning European champion and World champion is widely seen as the favourite for this tournament.  Spain is in Group C along with Italy the Republic of Ireland and Croatia.  England, in Group C will not have a breeze through with Sweden and France in the group.

Below is the tournament schedule confirmed by UEFA (all times CET):

Friday June 8th

Game 1 Poland vs Greece        18:00   Warsaw
Game 2 Russia vs Czech Rep  20:45    Wroclaw

Saturday June 9th

Game 3 - Netherlands vs Denmark 18:00 Kharkiv
Game 4 - Germany vs Portugal       20:45 Lviv

Sunday June 10th

Game 5 - Spain vs Italy           18:00 Gdansk
Game 6 - Ireland vs Croatia    20:45 Poznan

Monday June 11th

Game 7 - France vs England    18:00  Donetsk
Game 8 - Ukraine vs Sweden   20:45  Kiev

Tuesday June 12th

Game 9 - Greece vs  Czech Rep  18:00 Wroclaw
Game 10 - Poland vs Russia        20:45 Warsaw

Wednesday June 13th

Game 11 - Denmark vs Portugal        18:00 Lviv
Game 12 - Netherlands vs Germany  20:45 Kharkiv

 Thursday June 14th

Game 13 - Italy vs Croatia                 18:00 Poznan
Game 14 - Spain vs Ireland                20:45 Gdansk

Friday June 15th

Game 15 - Sweden vs England            20:45 Kiev
Game 16 - Ukraine vs France             18:00 Donetsk

Saturday June 16th

Game 17 - Czech Rep vs Poland        20:45 Wroclaw
Game 18 - Greece vs Russia              20:45 Warsaw

Sunday June 17th

Game 19 - Portugal vs Netherlands   20:45 Kharkiv
Game 20 - Denmark vs Germany      20:45 Lviv

Monday June 18th

Game 21 - Croatia vs Spain               20:45 Gdansk
Game 22 - Italy vs Rep Ireland          20:45 Poznan

Tuesday June 19th

Game 23 - England vs Ukraine          20:45 Donetsk
Game 24 - Sweden vs France             20:45 Kiev

Wednesday June 21st is a day off from the schedule as teams prepare for the knock-out stage of the tournament.   The top two teams in each group advance to the quarter final.

Quarter Final:

Thursday June 21st

Game 25 - Winner Group A vs 2nd Group B     20:45  Warsaw

Friday June 22nd

Game 26 - Winner Group B vs 2nd Group A    20:45  Gdansk

Saturday June 23rd

Game 27 - Winner Group C vs 2nd Group D     20:45 Donetsk

Sunday June 24th

Game 28 - Winner Group D vs 2nd Group C     20:45 Kiev

Monday June 25th  and Tuesday June 26th are game free as teams prepare for the semi-final match ups.

Semi- Finals:

Wednesday June 27th

Game 29 - Winner Game 25 vs Winner Game 27 - 20:45 Donetsk

Thursday June 28th

Game 30 - Winner Game 26 vs Winner Game 28 - 20:45 Warsaw


Sunday July 1st

Game 31 - Winner Game 29 vs Winner Game 30  20:45 Kiev

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