Friday, 2 December 2011

UEFA European Championship 2012 Draw

Sixteen countries were in the draw, two host countries and 14 that qualified.  Below are the Groups as drawn by UEFA for the  competition. 

Group A               Group B                   Group C             Group D

Poland                    Netherlands             Spain                    Ukraine

Greece                    Denmark                  Italy                     Sweden

Czech Republic      Germany                 Rep of Ireland      France                                                          
Russia                     Portugal                  Croatia                 England

There are some interesting matchups particularly in Group B, with Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.  It is without a doubt the toughest group.  Spain and Italy share Group C, while England, Sweden and France may provide some heartaches for each other in Group D.  

Spain the World Cup winner of 2010 is widely seen as the favourite to win this tournament.  There can be no doubt that Germany and the Netherlands will play a significant role.  In Group A all teams are evenly balanced.   

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