Saturday, 11 August 2012

DOD: US military casualties in Afghanistan as of Aug. 10th, 2012

While the world is enjoying the Olympics in London and the media is filled with news of all kinds of accomplishments during the London games, it has hardly been noticed that another 8 American service man have been killed and another 74 have been wounded.

Whle shows that actually 12 NATO soldiers have been killed, these are not yet accounted for in the DoD figures.  Three of those are NATO troops, two from the UK. 

Civilian Casualties.  The UN said on Wednesday that civilian casualties had fallen by 15% between January and June, compared to the same period last years.  In numbers this translates to 882 this year compared to 1167 last year.  The figure of injured persons is also mind boggling.  1593 were injured in the first six months this year compared to 1760 last year.   Full Story

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