Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mexico wins Soccer Gold - Defeating Soccer Powerhouse Brazil 2-1

One of the biggest upsets in olympic soccer history, saw Mexico defeat soccer powerhouse Brazil with two goals by Paralta. The Mexicans were the clear underdog prior to the match.
Mexico started the match with a bang. Less than one minute into the game, Parelto received the ball just outside the 16 meter box and his shot buried it in the lower left corner. No chance for a save for Brazilan keeper Gabriel.

As the half went along Brazil had undoubtedly the majority of chances, with over 60 % possession. With 7-4 shots on goal, Mexico remained calm in an attempt to control the midfield. Their efforts paid off. Despite the numerous chances by Brazil, Mexico took the 1-0 lead into half time.  Full Story;postID=8682479058642669617


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