Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Canadian Woman Sets Speed Record Sitting on a Toilet

Some stories are too hard to pass by. Canadians are generally known for their exploits in Ice Hockey, but this record takes the cake.  A Canadian woman, Jolene Van Vugt, literally set a a speed record sitting on a toilet.

Ms Vugt sat on a toilet, mounted on four wheels, raced through Sidney, Australia and was clocked at 75 km/h  (46.5 mp/h) by police standing along the route.  The 31 year old set a new toilet racing world record.

Vogts' new record surpasses the previous Guiness Book of Records, which was recorded at 68 km/h.  Australian police, which was positioned along the route confirmed the speed.

She said that this was a lot of fun and that she was proud to have broken the record.  Vogt, who works as a stun person, said, "I just arrived in Australia yesterday and jumped, sort of say, right on the toilet."

This story has not been in any Canadian media, at least not in headline news.   It isn't very often that one sits on a toilet and moves at high speed.  Yes some take a little less time, some a little more, but this story takes the cake.

On that note .....

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