Saturday, 26 May 2012

DOD US Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 25 May 2012

 Another six U.S. soldiers laid down their lives in Afghanistan this week, while 74 others were wounded in action.  Overal 137 young Americans have been killed in Afghanistan this year and another 796 wounded. 

 Last weekend's NATO summit, which primarily dealt with an exit strategy from Afghanistan, concluded that NATO troops would be out of Afghanistan by 2014 and that Afghan Security Forces would take the lead for operations against the Taliban by the middle of next year.  "The war in Afghanistan, as we know it, as we know it, is over."  Those were the words of President Obama at the conclusion of last week's NATO summit. 

The summit also dealt with the funding of Afghan Forces, which is expected to cost $4.2 Billion annually, with a NATO commitment for the next decade.  France's new President was steadfast that French soldier will leave Afghanistan by the end of this year.  Australia will depart a year earlier than anticipated, while Canada has announced that no Canadian troops would remain in Afghanistan, including a training role, beyond March 2013. 

Yes, the politicians have declared the war over and can't get to the exit fast enough.  Politicians and senior NATO commanders are reassuring the public that the Afghan National Army, expected to be at a strength of 352,000 by 2014 will be able to handle the task.  The rank and file is not so confident.  The ANA has high absenteeism, rampant drug use and of course is being infiltrated by the insurgents. 

At this stage it is not known how many NATO countries will remain in Afghanistan post 2014.  What is clear though, is that Afghanistan will require the support of NATO if it is to succeed, both in funding of its large security force and military support in the form of air support and drones. 

There is a "Strategic Partnership Agreement", but little detail has been released of its contents.

It would appear that gone is the concept, which based any withdrawal on the conditions on the ground.  The preparations are full speed ahead to facilitate the NATO withdrawal. Since Pakistan is key in success, there is little going well in the relations between Pakistan and the U.S. and NATO. 

Yes, the war in Afghanistan, as we know it, is over.  What has not been explained is what that means.  Suffice to say that U.S. and NATO soldiers are still dieing.  Lest We Forget.

Roll of Casualties

Below are this week’s updated DoD casualty figures:

Op Enduring Freedom                  Total Deaths       KIA   Non Hostile              WIA

Afghanistan Only                                   1857               1540        317                     15024
Other Locations                                        113                   12        101
 DoD Civ Casualties                                     3                     1            2
Worldwide Total                                     1973               1553        420                    16024

Accumulated 2012 Casualties:

KIA            Non Combat Deaths             WIA

  88                            49                               796

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