Sunday, 13 May 2012

DFB Pokal - Aftermath - Voices and Analysis

Borussia Dortmund made the double perfect.  After winning the Bundesliga last year convincingly, the young Dortumund team secured this year's Bundesliga and German championship on Matchday 33.  With vigour they defeated Bayern Muenchen yesterday in the DFB Pokal, making the double perfect.

Dortmund demonstrated that they were no fluke last year and that the team will be a force to reckon with for some time to come.  With a convincing win in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, they not only defeated Bayern, but scored no less than five goals against the record champion and Champions League finalist.  It was a fitting finish for this year's season and soccer in Germany.

No less than 13 players of the German national side represented the two teams.  Soccer scouts from all over Europe were at the game, including German national side coach Jogi Loew and Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson.

Jupp Heyncke, Bayern's trainer, had to admit that the better team deserved to win.

"We can't complain.  Our whole defensive play was catastrophic.  One has to make the sober analysis that we did not deserve to win."

Dortmund's Captain, Sebastian Kehl, who was lifting the DFB Pokal "The Pot", was full of joy, stating that Dortmund deserved to win.

We have proven that we rightly won the Championship and the Pokal.  We were always present.  It was undescribable to score five goals against Bayer, sensational," Kehl said. 

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 The downfall of the Bayern empire started when Luiz Gustavo failed to get a pass back to Manuel Neuer,  Kuba Blaszczykowski sprinted into the pass just under three minutes into the game and put Dortmund ahead.  Arjen Robben got the equalizer via a penalty kick and it looked as if there would be a game.  Matt Hummels put Dortmund into the lead in the 41st minute with a penalty kick.  It was still game on.

During injury time Robert Lewandowski put the Borussen ahead 3-1, the first of his three goals.  There were times when it was almost clear that Bayern had its eye already on next week's Champions League final against Chelsea.  Grosskreutz pushed out of his own half and delivered a perfect pass to Lewandowski, who put Dortmund ahead 4-1 in the 58th minute.   Frank Ribery who seemed to be one of the only Bayern players engaged, narrowed the score to 4-2 in the 75th minute.

Robert Lewandowski put the game totally out reach of Bayern when he scored his third goal of the night in the 81st minute.

Jupp Heyncke, naturally disappointed with his teams performance, especially defensively, said that the loss was unbelievable.  He has vowed not to repeat those mistakes in next week's Champions League final.

For not particular explainable reason we were  scored on early, Heyncke explained.  Although it was a convincing defeat, he says that he also sees the positive.  He said that the Bayern played well in the first half, was well organized and have demonstrated soccer culture.  After getting scored on with a penalty kick and then taking another goal shortly before the break, it was hard to come back with a 3-1 deficit.

Heyncke said that while he doesn't want to lay blame on anyone in particular, that he thinks that the three players, which are suspended against Chelsea did not play to their optimal potential, especially in the defence. He thought it obvious that they were pre-occupied with their situation. He said that he understood their disappointment, however it shouldn't have affected how they normally play.

What appeared to be an enormous advantage for next week's Champions League final, is turning into a major demoralizer.  The question now is whether or not Bayern can pick up the pieces and put on a first class performance in the Allianz Arena.

Consistency has one of the biggest detractors of the Bayern side this season, although normally they have been able to come out big for important matches.  In yesterday's Cup final the team collapsed.  On Saturday they have an opportunity to redeem themselves.  One can rest assured that Chelsea studied the Bayern's play yesterday.  Of course next weekend it will be a totally revamped defence.

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