Monday, 21 May 2012

German Soccer Federation Rejects Hertha BSC Appeal

The German soccer federation, DFB, has rejected an appeal by Hertha BSC Berlin and will not require a replay of the match.  In their finding the sports court of the DFB said that the game was completed and that the referee took all measures and proceeded to resume playing,  without pressure by the arena's security. 

Last week's leg 2 of the relegation battle between Fortuna Duesseldorf and Hertha BSC Berlin ended ugly.  With approximately two minutes of extra time remaining. fans swarmed past security onto the pitch and lit flares.  The onslaught caused the referees and players of both teams to escape to the security of their dressing rooms.  The game was eventually restarted and ended 2-2, which gave Duesseldorf an aggregate win and promotion to the Bundesliga, while Berlin would be relegated to the 2nd flight.

The court's findings relegate Berlin to the 2nd Divsion while Duesseldorf will be promoted to the top flight for the 2012/2013 season for the first time in 15 years.

The courts said that the appeal was rejected since no grounds for an appeal was apparent.  Berlin has been charged with the costs of the proceedings.  Berlin can still make an additional appeal to the Federal DFB court.

Still outstanding are the allegations by the referee Wolfgang Stark.  According to the referee, Kobiashwilli hit the referee with his fist, players of the Berlin side stormed the referee's conference room, while other players of the team threw insults at the referee team.

Update:  The result of the game were under dispute and heard by the DFB Sports Court (DFB Sportsgericht) in the first instance, which found that the game ended properly and gave the win to Duesseldorf.  Berlin appealed that finding to the highest level of the DFB Court, which again ruled in favour of Duesseldorf on May 25th.   Duesseldorf will move into the Bundesliga, while Berlin is relegated.  

The are other options open to Berlin, but Berlin has not yet decided whether to appeal to higher levels yet, including FIFA.  

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