Friday, 25 November 2011

Bundesliga Referee Quotes Depression for Suicide Attempt

Bundesliga referee Babak Rafati says the reason for his suicide attempt was a diagnosed depression and not personal reasons, suggested in the media earlier.  The pressures of officiating in the Bundesliga and the fear over making a wrong call were the main reasons. 

 Rafati and his team were scheduled to officiate the 1.FC Koeln vs Mainz 05 match on November 18th.  The match was cancelled when the news of the suicide attempt emerged and no replacement team could be found. (Details Here)

In a statement, composed by Rafti and prepared by his lawyer Sven Menke, Rafti said that a false impression was created by quoting personal reasons for the suicide.  He elaborated:

"In the pesonal well being of Mr. Rafati the performance stress, for him as referee, and the resulting stress combined with constant fear to make an error, put increasing pressure on him.  The pressure started also made day to day problems appear unsolvable.  In the end he didn't feel he could measure up"

Orginal German Version:

"Im persönlichen Empfinden von Herrn Rafati wurde vor allem ein wachsender Leistungsdruck für ihn als Schiedsrichter und der damit verbundene mediale Druck in Kombination mit der ständigen Angst, Fehler zu machen, zu einer immer größeren Belastung. Eine Belastung, die irgendwann selbst Alltagsprobleme unlösbar erscheinen ließ und der er sich am Ende nicht mehr gewachsen fühlte",

Rafati will now undergo treatment and after successful therapy plans to become active as a referee again. 


  1. Depression can make you do many happy he's getting treatment as he's a good referee....thanks for this update...appreciated

  2. True, Mental Health is a major problem. Too bad it took an incident like this to highlight it. One can only hope that he does well with therapy.