Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dortmund Shuts Out Schalke - Tops Bundesliga

 Dortmund entered the Revier derby after defeating Bayern Muenchen last weekend.  During the week, in Champions League play, Dortmund left London defeated with Bender in the hospital and Mario Goetze's participation today questionable.  

Gladbach, which won its match against Koeln yesterday moved into the league lead by one point.  There was pressure on both Dortmund and Schalke to pick up three points. 

Dortmund dominated the match from the start and Schalke barely gave Weidenfeller any work in the first half.  There was never any real danger in the Dortmund 16 meter area.  Dortmund was rewarded sixteen minutes into the match, when Schmelzer lowered a freekick into 5 meter area.  Lewandowski, unhindered by the Schalke defence, headed the ball into the net.  A well deserved 1-0 for Dortmund.

Dortmund continued its attack on Schalke but was unable to capitalize although shots on goal were 8-0.  The halftime lead was well deserved.  Schalke would have to turn up the tempo in the second half.

Schalke started the second half a little livelier, realizing that a draw would at least maintain contact with the league leaders.  Dortmund kept pushing for the go ahead goal.  The push finally paid off, after Goetze missed an excellent opportunity, tried to go it alone, and fired at the net from an impossible ankle.  The resulting corner finds Schmelzer, who headed the ball to Hummels, who headed it square to Barrios, Unerstall deflects Barrios' attempt but Felipe Santana gets to the ball about 13 meters out and fires it into the net, for a 2-0 lead for Dortmund.

Dortmund, despite the absence of Sven Bender played a superb match and there was never any danger of the match being lost.  Final score 2-0.  With the win Dortmund takes the top spot in the Bundesliga, however, Bayern plays tomorrow. 

Starting Line-Ups:

Dortmund:  Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Santana, Hummels, Schmelzer - Leitner, Kehl - Biascykowski Lewandowski, Goetze - Barrios

Schalke:  Unnerstall - Uchida, Papadopoulos, Matip, Fuchs - Jones, Holtby - Baumjohann, Draxler - Raul, Huntelaar


  1. It sure was an exciting game...with many chances to score....great referee as he would talk with players and only gave a few yellow cards....thanks...appreciated

  2. Yes the referee was definitely top notch. Thanks for commenting.