Thursday, 17 November 2011

Oscar Ortega-Hernandez Charged with Assassination Attempt on Obama

Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, a 21 year old Hispanic man, who was arrested after shots were fired near the White House, has been charged with trying to assassinate President Obama.  The would be assassin was caught after police found an abandoned car, containing a AK 47 assault rifle, a few blocks away.  He was later arrested by Pennsylvania State Police.

The would be assassin apparently hit one of the bullet proof windows of the First Family's living quarters in the White House.  President Obama and his wife Michelle were in California at the time of the incident and no one was hurt.  A sketch shows (USA Today) that the shots were fired from just outside the security perimeter of the White House.

The Secret Service said that two bullets struck the White House and that gunfire was heard around 9pm EST on Friday 11 November.

The man made his first court appearance today and will have to appear in a federal court in Washington, D.C to face the charges.  For the time being he will remain in federal custody until a magistrate can determine if he should remain jailed.  Hernandez, who hails from Idaho Falls, Idaho, could face a life sentence if found guilty.

There is some concern over the man's mental state.  He was apparently obsessed with the President and called him the Anti-christ.   He also seems to have had an obsession with the date 11/11.

Ortega has been reported missing from his family since October 31st.  His arrest was possible because of an alert hotel desk clerk in  Indiana, Pennsylvania, who recognized Hernandez's picture.

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