Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mainz 05 Upsets Bayern 3-2

 Mainz 05 upset FC Bayern Muenchen 3-2.  The win was well deserved for the team from the Pfalz.  Bayern during the first half played with little imagination and many of their passes did not reach the intended target.  Mainz on the other hand played in top gear from the start and were rewarded.

 Just eleven minutes into the match, Mainz's Ivanschitz put the ball into the net after a perfect pass from Nicolai Mueller, moving around Manuel Neuer. Mainz took the one goal lead into half time.

The lead at half time was well deserved.  Mainz's efforts gave them more chances at goal.  Up to the 20th minute Bayern hadn't had a shot on goal.  At the end of the half the toll was 8 shots to 6 for Mainz with 11 - 6 corner kicks, although Bayern had 65% ball possession.

Although Munich had a better effort in the second half and appeared to get control of the game when Van Buyten scored the equalizer in the 56th minute.  That was an illusion though.  Mainz was not about to give up.  Caligiuri scored the go ahead goal in the 65th minute.  With a shot from 28 meters into the lower right hand corner, Neuer was defeated.  Although Neuer moved in the right direction, he was a split second late and crossed the line just next to the post.

For insurance Niko Bungert made it 3-1 for Mainz in the 74th minute.  The goal came as a result of a corner kick, when Bungert dodged Gometz and headed the ball past Neuer into the goal, his third goal of the season.  The upset was complete.

Van Buyten narrowed the score in the 76th minute, giving Munich the hope of at least an equalizer.  There was drama right to the end of the game and Mainz fans were sitting on the edge of their seats.  In the end David beat Goliath.  The record champion was defeated, moved off the top spot of the league and Borussia Dortmund is the lead leaguer, with Borussia Moenchengladbach second and Munich in third place.

 Just two weeks ago FC Bayern was hailed as the runaway champion.   Phillip Lahm had discounted that by saying it's a long season and added that in order to top the league befor the winter break all they had to do is win four games and Bayern would be two points ahead.  Obviously easier said then done.

Mainz deserved this victory and Munich needs to go back to the drawing board.  After a successful Champions League match earlier this week, they have lost their second match in a row in the Bundesliga.   Jupp Heyncke will have a few words of wisdom for them, no doubt


  1. It was a very exciting game even though Bayern didn't win.....appericate this report on the game....thanks

  2. It was indeed a stellar effort by Mainz. The perfomrmance of Munich, today, left a lot to be desired