Saturday, 19 November 2011

Match 1.FC Koeln vs Mainz 05 Cancelled - Suicide Attempt by Referee

The matchday 13 encounter between 1.FC Koln and FSV Mainz 05 has been cancelled on short notice.  The reason given was that no referee had arrived.  According to Polizedirektion Hanover, the referee scheduled for the match, Babak Rafiti was found in a hotel, after a suicide attempt.

The news caused the cancellation of the game, since it was impossible to find a substitute team on short notice.  The game has been rescheduled to be played on Tuesday December 13th.

Rafati is a 41 year old German Bundesliga referee of Iranian descent.  According to the German Soccer Federation (DFB), Rafati has been a DFB referee since 1997 and has officiated over 100 Bundesliga matches.  He has been on the FIFA list since 2008.

Mirko Slomka, coach for Hanover 96, told Sky News, "I am not familiar with the details.  I am, however shocked, since Babak Rafati is from Hanover and I know him very well."

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  1. This is very sad to hear...hopefully they'll find out what his problem is....It's alway sad when somebody trys suicide...most likely depression as it's a sickness hard to see....May God bless him & his family.