Wednesday, 16 November 2011

German Media Mocks Republican Presidential Candidates

German on line media "Welt on Line" took on Republican Presidential candidates with a vengeance, reminiscent of something one could see on MSNBC.   In an article titled "How Cain, Perry & Company Embarrass the Republicans", the author takes a myriad of cheap shots. 

Not unlike the main stream American media, the article is fully supportive of President Obama and sees absolutely no fault in his making of the present crisis, blaming it all on George W. Bush.  Sound familiar? 

The article highlights Perry's memory GAF, Cain's unsubstantiated allegations and his Libya question moment.  Newt Gingrich's three divorces are highlighted and he is characterized  as an arrogant "know it all".   It states that it is a well known fact that Newt Gingrich had an affair at the same time he was seeking to impeach Bill Clinton.  The article also infers that Michelle Bachmann called on her supporters to take up arms and march on Washington.  Of course Donald Trump does not escape the author's wrath either.

It seems, although not completely clear, that the author sees Mitt Romney as the only hope for the Republican Party.  It gives the other candidates little chance to compete against Romney let alone President Obama. 

While the article calls their campaign spending wasteful, it completely ignores that Obama has been campaigning on the tax payers dime for a couple of months now and is hoping to raise $1 Billion to fund his campaign. 

While it attempts to vet the Republican candidates, it completely ignores Obama's shortcomings.  After almost three years in the White House, should he not carry the blame for the economy he owns.

We should not forget that Obama operated with a Democratic Congress, introduced a stimulus, bailed out banks and car companies and promised that the unemployment rate would be kept at 8%.  In other words, jobs did not become a priority until after the mid term elections.  Numerous House bills have been ignored by the Democratic Senate since the mid term elections and Obama has been running around the country trying to sell his Jobs Act. 

While German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing her utmost to try to stem a catastrophe for the Eurozone, Die Welt has ignored to look at the $15 Trillion accumulated by the United States.  With Greece, Italy almost being forced to introduce austerity programs to stem the overwhelming debts and Spain and Portugal not far behind, the Die Welt article could have been more constructive. 

The issues in the United States are real and urgent.  The 2012 election is about two different world views.  It behooves a reputable news agency to seriously examine the policies of either party and the policies of individual candidates.   The media's role should be to inform the public to make reasonable choices,  not to present bias cheap shots. 

The global economy is at risk and on the brink of collapse.  Media should be part of the solution not the problem.

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