Monday, 21 November 2011

Putin Gets Booed At Mixed Martial Arts Event in Moscow (Video)

Vladimir Putin, who is running for election as the next President of Russia, was booed yesterday at a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event in Moscow.  When Putin started to address the crowd after the match, crowds were less than flattering, booing the man that wants to present himself as a strongman.

The incident has been video taped and showed up on you tube, where it went viral, with just over half a million views overnight.

Putin had attended the MMA match between the Russian Fjodor Jemeljanenko and his American challegner  Jeff Monson.  When  Fjodor Jemeljanenko emerged the winner over the bleeding Monson, Putin started his speech.   The audience booed and only started cheering when Jemeljanenko was announced the winner and Putin called him a "real Russian Hero."

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