Thursday, 12 April 2012

Champions League Semi-Final - Difficult Tasks for Chelsea and Bayern

 Leg 1 of the Champions League semi-finals get underway next Tuesday, when FC Bayern meets Real Madrid at the Allianz Arena in Munich.  Chelsea hosts the other Spanish team FC Barcelona on Wednesday. Arguably Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the top two teams in Europe.
Munich will most certainly rev up its effort well above the performance displayed in yesterday's game against Borussia Dortmund.  Players like Arjen Robben can't afford to miss penalty shots or empty nets from just a few meters away.  Real Madrid with players like Ronaldo and Mezul Oezil will challenge Bayern's defence and Manuel Neuer.  Leg 1 is a must win for Bayern, without any goals by the Madrid side.  The odds are relatively low for this to happen.
Chelsea will be facing record scorer Messi.  This again appears to be an impossible task for Chelsea.  Not unlike Munich this is a must win, while Chelsea will have to contain Messi.  The odds again are very low.   
Having said that, soccer is a game that is full of surprises.  If the outcome were certain, no game would be necessary.  As a fan, let's hope that the games are both exciting and interesting.  Of course a final with Real Madrid facing FC Barcelona in the final in Munich would be a delight for all soccer fans, regardless of which team they support.  

UEFA Champions League - Semi Finals  Leg 1

17 Apr 2012

FC Bayern Muenchen vs Real Madrid

18 Apr 2012

Chelsea vs Barcelona

UEFA Champions League - Semi Finals Leg 2

24 Ap;r 2012

Barcelona vs Chelsea

25 Apr 2012

Real Madrid vs FC Bayern Muenchen

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  1. Munich had better sharpen their skills and no dives by Ribery or Robben as they just might find themselves with a yellow or red card this time......Real Midrid is a hard nut to crack....Hoping Munich wins this game.