Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chelsea should Not be Underestimated by Bayern

FC Bayern should not get tempted to underestimate Chelsea in the upcoming Champions League final (May 19th) in the Allianz Arena.  While Chelsea at present is only in fifth place in the Barclays Premier league, the team remarkably made its way into the Champions League final, after heavyweights, in their respective domestic leagues, like Manchester United, Manchester City, and Borussia Dortmund have been knocked out.

Chelsea's latest feat was their defeat of FC Barcelona on their home grounds.  The team continued its success in the Premier League today by walking over Queen's Park Rangers with a Torres hat trick 6-1.  While QPR is not Bayern Muenchen, the game has demonstrated that Chelsea possesses a tremendous offensive, even without Captain Terry, who is banned from the final due to being red carded in the Barcelona game.

Bayern Muenchen will be missing its regular defensive team in Alaba, Badstuber and Gustavo.  All of these defenders both looked after protecting Manuel Neuer's turf, while having the ability to join in the offensive on quick counters.  The good news for Bayern is that Mario Gomez, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery and Lahm will still be the mainstay of Bayern's team.  Prior to the Champions League Final Bayern has one more league game against 1.FC Koen, where Jupp Heynckes can give a break to some of his A- Team.  The following weekend, on May 12th Bayern takes on league champion Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Pokal (German FA Cup). 

While the German FA Cup will be a very difficulty task for Bayern, it will also be yet another task prior to the Champions League final.  Having ceded the league championship to Dortmund, the FA Cup is all about bragging rights.  Expect an exciting match.

Michael Ballack, who played four seasons for both FC Bayern and Chelsea was asked who he thought would be favoured in  this match.  He said, "I think that Bayern Munich is the favourite, since they are playing at home.  That is a big advantage.  In a final, in which giant emotions play a big role, a home game is a constellation, which has never happened before.  This is why Bayern will have an emotional advantage, which will be hard to counter by Chelsea. Only Barcelona would have been in capable to play in such a final away from home as an equal and possibly win.  On paper Bayer has a giant advantage. But that can also be dangerous. Ballack played his last home match today in Leverkusen. 

With the right engagement Bayern can defeat Chelsea.  The key is not to make the same mistake Barca made.  Open up the defence and get Chelsea spread out in the rear.  Another 90 minutes of overwhelming ball possession, with little to show for it, would be hard to stomach.

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