Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alberta Campaign Trail - Rhetoric and Accusations Heat Up

 With Just a few days left until Albertans go to the poll, it appears that the forerunner in the polls has come under attack for social issues and allegations that they are hiding to protect their lead.  Election campaigns are hectic and often there are scheduling conflicts.  The attack on social issues, quite frankly is a side show.  These are issues that have been settled years ago and are well protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Below are the results of a poll conducted by Inside Forum and a seat projections if an election were held on that day.  Danielle Smith's Wildrose Party still holds a seven point lead over Alison Redford's Tories and the seat projection indicates that the Wildrose Party could gain a possible majority.  You can expect even more knives to come out in the next few days.  Beware of election promises that aren't funded. 

Date                       ABP     LIB     NDP     PC     WR     OTH    Insight Forum Poll
2012/04/16               2         10        12        33       40         2        

Date                       ABP     LIB     NDP     PC     WR     OTH    Seat Projection
2012/04/16     -                     1          5        32       49   

Danielle Smith was accused of dodging an interview with Global TV, when she said she couldn't appear for a live interview this morning.  To deconflict the scheduling problem,  she did a taped interview last night, which was aired by both Global Edmonton and Global Calgary.

Smith explained that she has been arranging pre-taped interview lately because of travel conflicts.  She noted that she needed at least five hours of sleep.  With the hectic of the campaign during the last week this is understandable.  Canadidates, and particularly leaders, are trying to meet as many people as possible.

During the interview at Global Calgary, Smith was asked about candidates that have come under fire for recent controversial remarks.

“I guess I don’t expect politicians to be perfect, and I don’t think Albertans expect politicians to be perfect.  It may well be that we have candidates who could take a little bit more media training and be able to express themselves better.  Part of what we’re bringing to politics, is that we’re not bringing career politicians. We’re bringing together regular men and women who want to get into public office for the right reason, they want to do a public service.  From time to time they’re going to make mistakes, and I’m prepared to forgive some of those mistakes and I think the public is too.” 

This is the line Danielle Smith has taken all along.  Voters will make the decisions on the individual candidates.  It is time for the candidates to get back to the issues and quit the side shows.  Each party has controversial candidates.


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