Monday, 23 April 2012

Profile of a Wildrose Supporter

During the past week much has been made of conscience issues and allegations of bigotry against the Wildrose Party.  The national media has gone as far as describing the Wildrose Party almost as anti-Canadian.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Being conservative doesn't make you a bigot, nor does it make you anti-Canadian.

This author is an immigrant from Germany, who spend the first 13 years of his life in the post World War II rubble.  Like Raj Sherman, he came to Canada at the age of 13, not a good time in  your life to come to a new country.  For those that think life was a bed of roses in the late 50s and 60s in Canada as a German kid, think again.  The political correctness that exists today, went completely the other way.  It had to be dealt with or you were destroyed.

In any case the author spend 35 years in the Canadian military and started his career in Edmonton.  In the following 35 years he returned to Edmonton on two postings, the last in 1988.  In total he has spend 30 years in Alberta.  In the interim he had the honour of living across Canada, including trips to the territories Alert Bay and as far north as Thule, Greenland.  He has also seen hate and bigots around the world.  They come in in every shape, size and race.  Hate is not a pretty picture. 

This background to point out that the author is a proud Canadian, now a proud Albertan who also is proud of his ethnic heritage.  Contrary to popular belief, Alberta is not full of backwoods bigoted hillbillies.  Far from it.  Albertans are hard working individuals that want their government to work for them and not mislead them.  Honesty is still valued here.  We also don't need a national agenda to tell us what our character should be.  We are just fine.

The  majority of us believe and support the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We realize that the abortion and gay issues are settled and the majority want to move on.  On the same token we believe in freedom of speech, fiscal responsibility and hard work.

It's time to get off the bandwagon.  While Alberta's future is being decided today.  the national media need  not worry.  We are federalists and realize that we need to share some of our resource wealth.  On the same token whoever leads Alberta, is also expected to stand up for the province.  This is no different from other provincial leaders.  Brad Wall, Saskatchewan's Conservative Premier stood up to Stephen Harper's federal conservatives when it came to his province and rightfully so. 

To this author, a  long time PC voter, who decided not to vote in the last election because their was no alternative, Alison Redford did not appear believable.  Redford would do whatever it took to get elected.  While sitting under the Conservative label, she IMHO is a Progressive and not a centre right politician the national media tries to label her as.

In summary, if there were a Wildrose victory today, Alberta will not be regressive.  The hand of time will not be turned back and none of the conscience issues will be reversed or legislated on.  The fear mongering can  stop.  While the Wildrose Party may be an upstart party, it has no shortage of well seasoned political advisers.  So the question today is, "Do you want to stick with the status quo that hasn't worked or start with some fresh ideas.  The choice is yours.  Today you're voting for a new Chief Executive Officer in a $41 Billion enterprise.

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