Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alberta Election: Race is Tightening - Leger Poll

A Leger Marketing poll conducted Easter weekend suggests that the race between the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservative party is tightening.  The poll commissioned by the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald suggests that  60% of Albertans are satisfied with Alison Redford's Progressive Conservatives.  The poll finds that if an election were held today, Albertans would vote 37% Conservative, 34% Wildrose, 12% Liberal, 11% New Democrats and 2% for the Alberta Party.

The results can be seen as a statistical tie.  The governing Tories hold a formidable lead in Edmonton, while there is an intense battle in Calgary.  While the Progressive Conservatives lost considerable ground prior to the Easter weekend, based on physician intimidation, the "Do Nothing Committee," which collected $1000 a month for 39 months, it appears that the raising of social conscience issues has helped the Conservatives.

A recent blogger survey on abortion received a contentious answer from the Wildrose Party Chief of Staff.  The statement read:

“The legalities of abortion fall under federal jurisdiction. We respect that Albertans view social issues differently, which is why Wildrose would immediately introduce legislation allowing citizens to put issues like abortion to a citizen-initiated referendum.”

Wildrose Party leader, Danielle Smith later clarified the the statement:

 “Citizen initiative is and has always been an important part of the Wildrose platform.  However, any initiative must first be vetted by a federally-appointed judge to determine whether or not it is constitutional.”

Despite the neck to neck race, the Tories have dropped significantly since polls conducted just two months ago, when the Tories were at 53% and the Wildrose was at 16%.

The telephone poll surveyed 1215 voters over four days during the Easter weekend. 

It would appear that much is at stake during the Leadership Debate on April 12th.  The debate will be broadcast throughout Alberta from 6:30 to 8:00pm. 

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