Monday, 9 April 2012

DoD U.S. Military Casualties In Afghanistan as of 6 Apr 2012

Another nine Americans paid the ultimate price this week.  Seven were killed in action, while three others died of other causes and 45 were wounded.  While the main stream media is concentrated on the 2012 election campaign, Afghanistan after some attention after the Qoran burnings and the killing of 17 civilians by SSG Bales, Afghanistan has once again dropped off the radar.
Yesterday was also the 20th Anniversary of the Siege of Sarajevo, which got little attention by the US media, even though 11,500 people lost their lives.  The media kept busy with the perceived "War on Women" by the Republican party, Obama's comments about the unelected Supreme Court, with an interlude of the fighter crash at Virginia Beach into an apartment complex.  While the total number of casualties is not known, it appears that only seven people were injured and three families, who may be on vacation have not been accounted for, a miracle, in view of what could have been.

This week, Mitt Romney picked up another 86 delegates after his primary wins in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Although Romney now has more than half of the 1144 delegates required, there is no sign of either Newt Gingrich or his main contender Rick Santorum withdrawing from the race.  Mitt Romney is now concentrating his efforts on President Obama, while he will still have to spend funds to ensure further victories over Santorum.  He has managed to close the gap in Pennsylvania, Santorum's home state.  A loss by Santorum would be a devastating blow.
President Obama has also concentrated his efforts on the presumptive nominee.  Needless to say this is what the main stream media is concentrating on. 
Regardless of the election campaign, there is still a war going on in Afghanistan.  Soldiers and civilians are still dying and even though it is not reported in the main stream media, men and women are still facing acts of violence on a daily basis. 
List of Casualties

Below are this week’s updated DoD casualty figures:
Op Enduring Freedom                  Total Deaths       KIA   Non Hostile              WIA
Afghanistan Only                                   1805               1499         306                  15560
Other Locations                                        111                  13            98
DoD Civ Casualties                                      3                    1             2
Worldwide Total                                     1919                1513        406                   15560
Accumulated 2012 Casualties:
KIA            Non Combat Deaths             WIA
45                          37                                  382

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