Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I Never thought I'd Vote PC - What will they think of Next

This is an interesting video, which, according to a group of young people, is not associated to a particular party.  The video asks those on the left and centre left to vote for the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. 

While the PC party says it has nothing to do with the video, Alison Redford said she hoped people would vote PC.  That sounds like a desperate move by a party that has led Alberta for 41 years.  One thing is clear this is no longer the party of Ralph Klein.

Leaders of the NDP and Liberal Party of Alberta urged voters to stick with their initial parties and not vote strategically. 

The complete election campaign has gone off message and is now concentrating on controversial remarks made by members of both the Alison Redford's Tories and the Wildrose Party.  Even the mayors of Alberta's two largest cities have weighed in.

Time to get back on the issues.

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