Monday, 30 April 2012

HIghway 63 Twinning Should be a Priority

The fatal crash on Alberta deadliest highway that connects the Oilsand community of Fort McMurray with Edmonton has brought the twinning issue front and centre again.  About 7% of all traffic fatalities in Alberta occur on the highway between Redwater and Fort McMurray.

The 240 km stretch of  road, ,which is for the most part a two lane highway, is filled with cars, pick up trucks, semi-trailers and trucks carrying oversize equipment from Edmonton to the booming Alberta Oil Sands town.   Yet it appears that the Alberta government has not made the road a priority in infrastructure spending.

The excuses should stop and the job should get done and soon.   The Highway was an issue and was touted by the Wildrose Party as a priority.

"It's a No. 1 priority. It's critical. How many more lives must be lost before we widen that highway?" said Wildrose candidate and former mayor of Fort McMurray, Doug Faulkner.    "It's impossible to guarantee that if you are driving from Fort McMurray to Edmonton that you will not meet a very dangerous situation. People going too fast, pulling out to try to pass, not enough passing lanes. We need it done."

Without rekindling the election campaign, but one has to ask how many more people have to die.

A facebook group has been organized PLEASE TWIN HIGHWAY 63 and has more than 13,000 members in just two days.  If you agree that the Highway should be made a priority and should be twinned take some time to visit and leave a comment for Premier Alison Redford.

There is also a petition Twin Highway 63.  Please take the time to sign it. 

Redford has taken some time away after the election and said that she would respond when she gets back next week. 

There should be no more excuses.  The community that has become the engine of the Canadian economy deserves to get something in return.  There should be cooperation between the operators at Fort McMurray, the Provincial and Federal government.  Let's get past the bureaucracy and get this job done.

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