Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alberta Anti Oil Patch Crusader Wiebo Ludwig Dies at Age 70

Anti oil patch activist Wiebo Ludwig has died at age 70.  In October Ludwig revealed that he had cancer of the esophagus and was refusing chemo therapy an radiation.  Ludwig said that the treatment only extended life just a bit and in that case he would just as soon sign off earlier.

"Generally, they just extend your life a bit on all of those," he said. "And if that's all they're doing, I would just as soon sign off earlier."

Wiebo Ludwig, who was really first to take on the aggressive and bullying Alberta oil patch, was a hero to some and an eco-terrorist to others.  Living secluded on a patch of land called "Trickle Creek,"  near the Alberta/British Columbia border, Liebo Ludwig believed in self sufficiency. 

Ludwig accused the oil and gas industry of poisoning his family and farm, and being responsible for his daughter's miscarriages, through its attempts to extract toxic sour gas from the Peace River region of Alberta.

In 1999 a teenager, Karman Wills, was shot after joyriding on Ludwig's property in the middle of the night.  Although an investigation was launched against him, he was never charged. 

 In 2001 Ludwig was convicted on charges of related to bombings and other forms of vandalism, which had caused millions of dollars in damage.  The conviction netted him a 28 month jail sentence, of which he served two thirds. 
After several bombings of sour gas installations near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, which started in 2008, Ludwig was arrested.   The arrest led to an extensive search of his farm, but he was eventually released without any charges being laid.  In an open letter to the bomber, Ludwig said  he supported the cause, but encouraged that the bombings be ended.

In October, ahead of a screening of "Wiebo's War," a documentary of his life, he told reporters that he hoped that he lived long enough to write a book, chronicling his life. 

"And probably publish it posthumously so they don't put me in jail,"

Ludwig, who was a carpenter and drywaller by trade, certainly made a name for himself.  He was controversial, yet committed.  There is a good chance that he may have a few secrets to reveal yet.

May he rest in peace. 


  1. I have to agree with Wiebo Ludwig about chemo therapy and radiation treatments.....they give people false hope and they usually only live about a month or less longer....thanks

  2. Yes, but it all depends on how far advanced the cancer is. In my sister's case it was the right thing to do.