Thursday, 19 April 2012

51% of Albertans say Progressive Conservatives Don't Deserve Re-election

The Wildrose Party has had a rough ride for the past few days and it has lost the party some support in the polls.  A THQ Poll conducted on 17 and 18 April shows that the Wildrose Party 2% support overall in Alberta, while the Progressive Conservatives gained 4%.  The poll, which claims to be accurate +  or - 2.8% polled 1425 people.

When respondents were asked if the Progressive Conservatives deserved to be re-elected, 51% of respondents said no, 28% said yes, while 21% were not sure.

With only a few day left and advance voting already in progress, the race will likely be tight, however it is unlikely that any party will get a clear majority.

Source: THQ Poll conducted 17 and 18 April.

                                      Province   Edmonton  Calgary    Rural

Wildrose                              41%          27%           44%       48%

Progressive Conservative   33%          32%            36%       31%  

NDP                                      11%         18%              5%       12%

Liberal                                  11%         19%            11%         5%

Alberta Party                          3%            3%              3%         3%

51% of Albertans don't think the Progressive Conservatives deserve to be re-elected, with 28% saying they do.  21% are unsure           

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