Monday, 9 April 2012

Bundesliga Matchay 30 Fixtures and Preview

 Matchday 30 could be the pivoting point of Bundesliga season 2011/12.  With the top match between contenders Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Muenchen being the highlight, the outcome could either see a tightening up of the race or Borussia could pull away from the remainder of the pack,  Three points separate Bayern and Dortmund.   The game could also be a dress rehearsal for the DFB Cup final in Berlin next month.

Bayern, which is still concentrating on a triple crown, Champions League, Bundesliga and the DFB Cup, will certainly come out to fight.  From Dortmund's point of view, although the match is certainly important, the team believes that nothing will be settled regardless of the outcome.  Nonetheless a six point lead with four remaining games and 12 more points to be made, would give them a significant lead and a good start across the finish line.  For Bayern is is definitely a must win.

Schalke 04 will be traveling to Nuernberg, trying to maintain its third place position.  With a five point lead the spot is Schalke's to lose.  Nuernberg is not completely out of relegation danger yet and three points in the win column will move the team closer to maintaining its place in the Bundesliga. Gladbach, which is hosted by Bremen will be hoping for a Schalke loss and a win to close within two point of third place, while Bremen is fighting for a Euro League spot.  This should be a close match.

VFB Stuttgart travels up the road to Augsburg.  The newcomer to the Bundesliga has not been a slouch as of late, while Stuttgart wants a Euro League spot, the Augsburgers need a win to further move away from relegation.  The meeting of the two neighbors could be an exciting match for the fans.  Leverkusen plays the tailgate of the Bundesliga.  Leverkusen is another team vying for a Euro League spot.  Kaiserslautern, barring a miracle is all but relegated.  Another loss would make it certain.   The Red Devils, with not much to lose anymore could be relatively relaxed and as such dangerous to Leverkusen.  Hannover meets Wolfsburg, both teams also vying for a coveted Euro League spot.   No doubt this will be another hard fought game.

Mainz and Koeln are another two teams battling against relegation.  Mainz is relatively strong at home, so Koeln will have to be on its guard.

With the league championship now looking more like a two horse race between Dortmund and Bayern and Schalke and Gladbach assured a Euro League spot at minimum, no less than five teams are still hoping for a Euro League spot.

Kaiserslautern is all  but relegated, but six other teams are still in danger to fall to spots 16 and 17.  There will still be a lot of nailbiting this weekend.  Hopefully the Bayern/Dortmund match lives up to its billing.

Bundesliga Fixtures Matchday 30

10 April 2012  FC Augsburg vs VFB Stuttgart                              1-3
10 April 2012  FSV Mainz 05 vs 1.FC Koeln                                4-0
10 April 2012 Werder Bremen vs Borussia MoenchGladbach      2-2
10 April 2012 Hertha BSC Berlin vs SC Freiburg                         1-2         
11 April 2012 Hannover 96 vs VFL Wolfsburg                             2-0
11 April 2012 Borussia Dortmund vs FC Bayern Muenchen        1-0
11 April 2012 1.FC Nuernberg vs Schalke 04                                4-1
11 April 2012 1899 Hoffenheim vs Hamburger SV                       4-0
11 April 2012 Bayer Leverkusen vs 1.FC Kaiserslautern               3-1

Bundesliga Table
                                                    GP     W    D    L      GF/A       Pts 
1Borussia Dortmund                    30      21    6    3       67:22       69
2Bayern München                        30      20   3     7       69:20       63
3Schalke 04                                  30      18   3     9       65:39       57
4Borussia Mönchengladbach       30      15   8     7        43:22      53
5VfB Stuttgart                              30      13   7   10        52:40      46
6Bayer Leverkusen                      30      12    8     9        44:38      44
7Werder Bremen                          30      11    9   10        43:46      42
8Hannover 96                               30      11  11     8        39:42      44
8 Wolfsburg                                  30       12   4   14        41:54      40
10Hoffenheim                               30       10  10  10        38:40      41
11FSV Mainz 05                           30        9    9  12         47:48      36
12SC Freiburg                               30        9    8  13         41:56      35
131. FC Nürnberg                         30        10    5  15        31:42      35
14Hamburger SV                          30         7   10  13        33:55      31
15FC Augsburg                             30         6  12   12        32:47      30
161. FC Köln                                 30         8    5   17        36:62      29
17Hertha BSC Berlin                     30         6    9  15         34:54      27
181. FC Kaiserslautern                  30         3   11  16         19:44      20


  1. Will be looking forward to these games....hope Bayern Munich comes out the winner....Thanks for this latest update much appreciated

  2. good games today...Mainz sure was a surprise ...winning 4 - 0...tomorrow proves to be very exciting....who will it be Munich or Dortmund? will be cheering for Munich and sitting on the edge of my seat until the final goal....thanks

  3. Yes definitely excellent games. Mainz has cleared the hurdle and should stay out of the relegation zone. Things are getting critical for Berlin, although four other teams are still in danger of ending up in the relegation zone.

    Tomorrow's game is a must win for Munich, if they don't it will get very tight in the quest to catch Dortmund. Six points in four games will be hard to make up.