Sunday, 15 April 2012

Alberta Election - The Week in Review

As the Alberta election campaign moves into the final week, it appears that this election will be Danielle Smith's to lose.  With only one week in the campaign left to go, the Wildrose Party has a healthy lead over the incumbent Progressive Conservative Party.  In some polls the Wildrose Party leads by 17 percentage points. 

While the parties rolled out their platforms, the debate, held on April 12th, seemed to be a defining factor.  While Alison Redford appeared stiff and almost rattled near the end of the debate, Danielle Smith seemed to connect with voters, with her no nonsense approach to many issues.  The attempts to demonize her because of conscience issues and lack of experience did not resonate. 

Here is a review of issues discussed thus far in the campaign:

Wildrose Announces Accountabilty Act and MLA Pay  April 9th

Race is Tightening - Leger Poll April 10th

Are Conscience Issues Bogus? April 11th

Liberals Reveal Carbon Levy Plan April 11th

Wildrose Leader Stance on Abortion-Gay Rights April 12th

Alberta Leader's Debate - No Clear Winner April 13th

Voters Declare Danielle Smith Debate Winner

 On  the campaign trail on Friday, Alsion Redford promised to introduce legislation that would make Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a claimable condition under the Workmen's Compensation Board.  The problem is that this condition is already claimable, according to Wildrose leader Danielle Smith.  Sometimes it pays to do your homework before putting your mouth in motion.  

Danielle Smith also committed to call a full public inquiry into physician intimidation, a measure supported by the New Democrats and Liberals.   

As the campaign winds down toward the election on April 23rd, there should still be a number of surprises.  Alison Redford will have to go full out to try and overcome the impression Albertans have of her.  She comes across as a bureaucrat, who knows best and gives the impression that she leads by committee.   

The Progressive Conservative Party is no longer the party of Ralph Klein, in fact it has almost made a 360 degree turn.  Support in Edmonton is divided evenly between Redford and Smith, while the majority support Danielle Smith in Calgary.  Smith appears to lead in rural Alberta as well.  

Stay tuned.


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